We take relationships seriously. We’re more than an outsourced IT department, we’re an extension of your team.
We don’t hide behind long-term agreements but instead prove our value to you every day.

How Are We Different?

We believe business drives technology and not the other way around. As your outsourced IT department, we will partner with you to provide technology that will help you improve your business and reach your goals.

The Benefits

Addressing All Aspects Of IT

Our core model addresses all technical needs of an organization based on its business goals. You will experience an interactive service approach that manages ALL aspects of IT rather than an a la carte, miss or hit approach. A solid IT foundation helps prevent future problems which saves time and money for your business.

Dedicated Advisor And Engineer
On Site Consistently

You will have a team of people on whom you can depend and develop close relationships. Our team will know your business to make sure you are running consistently, safely, and achieving your business goals through technology. We document all technology assets and discuss any projects with you in a timely manner so you can plan ahead.

Knowledgeable Team Members

IT is an ever-changing field, so we continually invest in our staff’s training. This also means we have the combined knowledge of more than ten technicians at our fingertips to solve the IT problems for your company. All of this allows us to resolve problems at a root cause level to eliminate the issue once and for all.

No Long-Term Agreements

We require no long-term agreements. We believe in our services and do not hide behind long-term contracts. You are not locked into BSSI as your provider, but we will work hard to keep your business.

A Business-focused
Approach To Technology

We are an organization led by a business person and therefore provide services that are supportive of your business needs and goals. We will not push the latest “techy” gadget just because it is new, talk technical jargon, or refuse to support products you need because of technical biases.

Consistent Service

We’ve developed a service delivery model with defined processes, standards, and methodologies. Everyone from the office coordinator up through the sales department knows our service delivery processes so you will have a consistent experience.

Access To An Entire Team,
Not Only One Point Of Contact

You will have multiple touch points with our organization who are always knowledgeable of your account and ready to take your call. We are vigilant in documenting our interactions, so no matter what technician you speak to, they will understand your technical situation.

Sound Ethics

The IT industry is not regulated. However, we are. Our CEO, Diana, is a certified CPA and therefore she and BSSI are held accountable to the State of Ohio for high ethical standards. Bottom line – you can trust us.

Gain Peace Of Mind

As an organizational leader, you already have enough to worry about, let us take care of the IT. Our proprietary service delivery module includes reporting to you so you know all IT matters are being addressed. Everything from network security to end-user support.

I have the utmost confidence in BSSI staff. They always solve IT issues in a timely manner, I was able to get back to work quickly. Thank you once again!

Lee Ann Hamilton, Fairfield Center for Disabilities and Cerebral Palsy

My problem was resolved via email. BSSI always know exactly what they are doing or quickly finds the answer. Love that! Allows us to get back to work without agonizing over techy stuff that we don’t understand.

Margie Donnell, Lancaster Fairfield County Chamber

Every single person we deal with at BSSI is patient and kind.

Susan Nixon-Stoughton, Lighthouse Inc

The response time is quick! Much faster than other companies used by my previous employers. Service exceeds expectations!

Jay Chandler, Alius Health

As always, I am very impressed with the quick and efficient reaction to any situation that I have had with my computer system. Even is the issue is not directly related to BSSI, they make sure to do everything in their power to resolve my problem.

Lori Anderson, Business Pro Inc

Almost zero down time. The BSSI team is fast, polite and very courteous.

Justin Conrad, E.C. BABBERT