Your Kindle EBook May Lose Partial Functionality Soon

Do you own an older Amazon Kindle? Older Kindles utilize 3G internet connectivity protocols but mobile carriers are currently racing to upgrade their networks to 4G/5G. Older devices that only […]

Microsoft Exchange Server Attacks: The Details

Overview You have probably heard of the Microsoft Exchange Server attacks by now. If not, here is a quick run down: Microsoft released patches addressing four severe vulnerabilities on March […]

Let’s Get More Girls in STEM!

As an outsourced IT company, we are obviously fans of the STEM fields, and with a women founder and CEO we are especially passionate about getting more girls in STEM […]

Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft 365

With over 650,000 companies using Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) in the US alone, there are bound to be many questions. From the basics of signing in for the first […]

COVID-19 Phishing Emails – Gmail Blocks Millions Of Daily

Google’s popular Gmail service has been busy. In a typical day, the company’s email system blocks more than a hundred million phishing emails. During the last week alone, the company […]

Beware Of Phishing Emails Appearing As From The Federal Government

The Digital Security firm Inky reports that they’ve discovered a new, disturbing phishing campaign you should be aware of. The company has spotted a disturbing number of scam emails purporting […]

New Windows 10 Disk Cleanup Feature Coming Soon

If you’re a veteran Windows user, you’ve almost certainly made frequent use of the “Disk Cleanup” feature, which has been a standard part of the OS for what feels like […]

Ransomware Targets Company Working On A COVID-19 Vaccine

It’s common knowledge that hackers are highly opportunistic and certainly not above targeting children, the sick and the dying if there’s money to be made. Even so, attacking a drug […]

Over Half Of All Calls People Receive Are Spam Calls

If you’re like most people, you probably get a lot of calls over the course of a week. They’re probably calls that you’d just rather not get at all. How […]

Google Data Shows Impacts Of Covid-19 Shelter In Place Precaution

Google is using the massive footprint in the smartphone ecosystem to help people understand the impacts that social distancing is having in the face of the global pandemic. Their new […]