What We Serve

IT Services That Increase Your Profitability and Help You Achieve Your Goals

BSSI has a diverse portfolio that allows us to better support and help our clients achieve their business objectives. We provide a whole range of services from custom professional services to managed IT and cloud services. Our engineers have appropriate certifications and extensive experience in assessing, recommending, and implementing solutions that fulfill our clients’ needs. BSSI specializes in core technology from Microsoft as well as other proven solutions and vendors that help us, to help you, increase efficiency and output all while maintaining a high level of security.

We believe that our role with our clients is not to just provide them peace of mind, we want to help our clients be more successful and profitable.

BSSI puts your focus back on your business with our:

  • Leadership – consistently reinforces business concepts throughout service delivery. Diana’s business background, education and certifications ensure that.
  • Participation in the OSCPA and the AICPA – holds our organization at a higher level of ethics and values which is important as the IT industry is unregulated.
  • Certifications – designates our expertise with various technologies.
  • Skilled technology experts – experienced engineers who view themselves as an extension of your business.
  • 24 X 7 help and support – help is only a phone call away.

Please contact us for an ITEZ™ Technology Business Review today! We look forward to learning how we can help your organization be successful.